Our Mission

The Jr. Gladiator program is focused on the growth and development of football players and cheerleaders in order to support the school through a true grassroots effort. Our mission is:

  • Create greater continuity across the tackle football community in Johns Creek.
  • Insure all boys or girls wishing to play [youth football or cheer] will matriculate to JCHS play under this program.
  • Establish access between the JCHS Head Coach and all the players, coaches, and parents for purposes of consistency and strengthening the football community.
  • The Jr. Gladiator Football Program will be the sole tackle football program with access and precedence to the JCHS practice fields and the Colosseum.
  • Jr. Gladiator philosophy can be best encompassed with the statement, “1 Team, 1 Mission”.

Winning is great, but the path to success is a process of many steps and this is the first step the Johns Creek Football Community is taking to make Johns Creek High School the destination to develop young athletes in our community.